nineteen magnets to hang eight configurations of the four most common paper sizes used in printing photographs and digital images. you will make a few holes in your wall, but no more holes in your prints.
we opened our studio in january of 2009. the first task at hand: creating a versatile system that allowed us to display our prints in a variety of sizes and orientations with ease. we needed the ability to swap prints with little effort and without harming the paper. we designed a display system that uses magnets and a grid made up of the lowest common denominator of magnetic tacks to support commonly used print sizes in both orientations. we created a template to guide the installation of two walls of grids which we use to display our prints.

our work includes graphic design, branding, and photography. we work in print and digital media. we also create wallpaper and produce hand made artist books.
have questions about the outhause print display system?
please send us an e-mail:
outhause image workspace
1423 10th ave seattle wa 98122